About Us

To bring light into the lives of all is our mission. wellness in the form of our natural aesthetic products is our vision. This is our journey and our purpose the future
We are passionate about health and wellness, beauty and grace, fitness and fine living. We are passionate about the desire to make a positive change in your lives, to iimprove the general environment and to make a difference in your well being. We are passionate to reach out to those who want change for a better lifestyle. No Matter what walk of life you come from, our aim is to ensure that you enjoy and benefit from our uniques quality product and supports.

Our story


An enlightened heart is the core of an enlightened person and we know this to be true with all the great enlightened prophets, teachers and masters

When we first set our eyes on lighted Himalayan salt lamp many years ago, what we saw resembled a glowing heart. The more we used and worked in its presence, the calmer and focused we became in our environment.
Our experience with the beautiful salt lamps brought us good health, well-being, inner peace and calmness which were necessary ingredients that led us to finding success in our lives. We believe that anyone and everyone can also benefit being in the presence of Himalayan Salt lamps.

As a Seller of Himalayan salt lamps, it is our passions to continue to offer you a range of salt lamp products and services solely for your well-being and benefit.
We like to look at our product not just a crafted piece but as a gift from nature that brings with it the essence of health and wellness
Miner and Crafter do the hard work of mining and the skillfully crafting the salt lamps to offer you magnificent and beautiful product for your benefit. Together with them, our only wish is to take you along with us on a journey to experience, inner peace and overall wellness.

The History of Himalayan Salt

About 250 million years ago, the planet was said to be made of one continent called Pangeae. Due to tectonic plate movements at the ocean and sea beds, lands mass from below the oceans were pushed againts the continens forcing ocean bedsand sea beds to rise above water levels. The Himalayan mountain range is one such feature by the earth’s natural tectonic plate shifts.

Himalayan salt mines were discovered about 150 years ago at the foothills of the mountain ranges. But the salts found in the mine date back to millions of years. The salts are the finest and carry many beneficial elements, the most famous being Himalayan salt lamp which is commonly placed in homes, offices, spas, restaurants and anywhere else. Our salt lamps are mined from deep within The Himalayan Mountain ranges and carefully crafted wich each piece being unique and special just for you.

Salt Rocks lamp
How Salt Lamp Works ?

The Light lamps emit light and hear through your room

Heat from lamo drawns in moisture from air. Moisture is water ( H2O ). Salt is sodium chroride ( Na Cl ).
Chemistry, interaction of H2o + Na Cl = 1 negative charged ion released into atmosphere when the (+) and (-) cancle out reach other.

 negative charged ions collide with airbone charged ions ( also known as pollutants ) and become neutralised
negative ion + Positive ions = Improves air quality

The airbone dead pollutant particles or dust fall to the floor and is removes from the atmosphere

Easy to remove the dead pollutant or dust can be easoily vacummed from floor or wiped clean a moist cloth on furniture and salt lamp.